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GIANT CELL TUMOR OF BONE – The Surgical Approach

Giantdr PS cell tumor of bone (GCTB) is an intermediate, locally aggressive, primary bone tumor but rarely metastasizing tumor. It occurs mostly between the ages of 30–50 years and rarely arises in the immature skeleton. At presentation, 15%–20% of patients have a pathologic fracture due to substantial cortical destruction followed by relatively minor trauma. GCTB is typically seen solitary, mostly located in the meta-epiphyseal region of long bones (85%).Conventional radiographs show a typical eccentric lytic lesion. MRI is more useful for staging and predicting clinical behavior of GCTB. The main problem in the management of GCTB is local recurrence after surgical treatment: 8%-27% after isolated curettage.

We treated this typical case. A 26 yrs male patient from Dongargarh has got acute onset of pain and swelling over right knee joint occurred on march 2015 when patient preparing for a physical entrance exam without any obvious trauma. He take opinions from many doctors locally in Dongargarh and Rajnandgaon but not get success to make diagnosis.

Later he came VY Hospital in Ortho OPD where after careful and detailed examination MRI of affected knee done that suspect Giant Cell Tumor on Condyle of Femur Right. Biopsy of the lesion done on November 2015 that confirm the diagnosis GCTB. After confirmation curettage & complete excision of tumor with Cementing was done on 01 December 15.

Again on March 2018 pt came with similar complain, repeat MRI confirm Recurrence of GCTB, Pt readmitted and reoperated for curettage and excision of tumor with Bone grafting on 20.06.2018.

Now patient is happy to do his daily routine activity freely without any support and has good range of movements of knee without any complain.